We encourage our members to be part of small groups with common interests. Some of our ministries include:



This is the group that represents the interest of the men, and constantly seeking avenues to encourage and develop the men spiritually, emotionally and financially. Sharing tips on how to develop one another as well as creating a forum for men to receive direct support for men related issues in matters relating to health, marriage, careers, leisure and friendship and Christian mutuality.



Women are relationship-oriented and need to connect with other women in order to grow, mature, and learn from others who have gone before or to share what they themselves have learned on the journey of faith.

Youth Department


This is a platform for the youth and young people to edify themselves in a safe Christian informed environment and company. The realty of today’s World is that many of our youth and young people have jumped from childhood to adulthood without really enjoying youth-hood. The youth department offers opportunities of making new friends, engage in fun activities such as adventure trips and outings. It also acts as a support network in areas such as academics as most of our youths are students or new graduates. Youths are also involved in all areas of the ministry especially the music, drama and multimedia departments.

Prayer Department

We strongly believe in the power of prayer. Friday is a day for prayer and intercession for one to two hours and every quarterly last Friday of the month is our Vigil themed ‘A Time of God’. Remember when you Pray, God works for you but when you don’t pray, you work for yourself which can be cumbersome.

Music Department


The primary goal of this department is to provide music and lead worship in all scheduled services. The music department meets regularly on Saturday evening for choir practice from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, and before the service each Sunday morning.
The music department is always open to new members, and fosters a very welcoming environment. Experience reading music is not necessary but can be an asset.


Our children are the Church of tomorrow. The Scripture in Proverbs 22:6 urges parents to teach our children the way in which they should live that they may not depart from it when they are old. We have a duty to teach our children the way of the Lord as this is expected of us by God. We have a vibrant children’s Sunday school department where children learn good morals, biblical teachings in fun packed ways. The children always look forward to coming to Sunday school. The children also take part in Singing, dancing and performances which brings out their character and the best in them.