Our Values

We are passionate about your potential. Our core values can be summarised in this section:


At City of Zion we encourage a loving culture. The ‘I don’t care phrase or attitude’ is a taboo. If you love someone, then you must care about their wellbeing. You will be surprised to discover that even those who seem to have it all, can never have too much love. To enjoy love to its fullness, you must be willing to take off the mask and allow yourself to be seen for who you are. There should not be pretence or superficialism in the church or the body of Christ.

Giving and Support:

To love is also to give and minister to the needs of our brothers and sisters. Christian generosity is also encouraged. Don’t wait until there is a need, you can also give outside of needs.


All members are encouraged to respect and reverence the divine authority of God made manifest in the Bible and in the church authority, Respect to the rule of the Law and the local, National and international authority, and horizontally, respect for one and another especially in the absence of authority regardless of our differences. Everyone has an authority over them. We all need to submit and to honour the authority over us. To obey is better than Sacrifice.


We value our members and people in general. God has placed so much value on people to an extent that He has sacrificed His only begotten son to redeem people unto Himself. We value our youth and young people. They are tomorrow’s church. We value our visitors and endeavour to make them ‘feel at heaven’.


Without Holiness, No man will see the Lord. All members of City of Zion Church must abstain from all manner of immorality. They must be Men and Women of integrity unto themselves, unto others and unto God.


We are committed to Soul winning and discipleship. It is our desire to see Spiritual revival in Cambridge, East Anglia and United Kingdom at large. We aim to explore and prayerfully engage in activities that would attract this Nation back to Christ.